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How to display the forms you have created?

There are two ways to display your newly added form on your website. You can either use the shortcode that is generated or use the icon added on the text editor.


Using ShortCode

everest-forms-displaying-formFrom your Dashboard, go to option for Everest Forms and select All Forms. There you will see the list of all the forms that you have created and the shortcode generated for each one.


Select and copy the shortcode. Now go to the option for Pages and select Add New.


Paste the shortcode that you have copied on the new page.Save the Changes and the new form will be displayed on your site.


Using the Button


If you wish to use the newly added button instead of the shortcode, Simply go to the new page or a post option. There you will find the newly added icon/button to add forms, go ahead and click on it.


You can then go ahead and select the form that you want to include.Go ahead and Save the changes and Publish it once you are done.


This is the finished result of the form that we created. You can customize and rearrange the elements based on your preference.

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