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General Settings


Form Name:

Gives your Form a name for eg: Contact Form

Successful Form Submission Message:

Text displayed to your users after you have successfully received their forms.

Redirect To:

Lands the user to the desired URL after the form submission. Once the form is submitted you can choose to redirect to any custom link, WordPress Page or remain on the same page. The drop down has three options

  • Same Page: By default Same Page is selected. This means once the form is submitted, the user will remain on the same page.
  • Custom Page: If Custom Page is selected in the dropdown, a new option Custom Page will show up just below Redirect To option. This new option will have all your pages listed. You can select any one page from the drop down where you wish to redirect
  • External URL: If External URL is selected then a new input field option will show up. One can enter any custom url where you would like the user to be redireced after submitting the form.

Layout Design:

Layout Design allows you to select from any two pre built form design One is default layout and another is Classic Layout. Choose any layout that suits your site.

Form Class:

Allows you to add an additional class to the created form. This class attribute can be used to style your form.

Submit Button Text:

Change the text on the submit button. You can enter ‘Submit’, ‘Send’, ‘Contact Us’ or anything that is appropriate to the form.

Enable Google reCAPTCHA Version(v2 or v3):

Check this Checkbox to display Google reCAPTCHA for users validation and avoid spams in your form. First, you need to select the reCAPTCHA version on reCAPTCHA settings. Go to Everest Forms->Settings->reCAPTCHA and select the reCAPTCHA version.

For the SITE KEY and SECRET KEY, you need to register your site first. So, go to Google’s overview page to generate reCAPTCHA Keys.

For step-by-step instructions on this, please check out our tutorial How to integrate Google reCAPTCHA?

Disable Storing Entry Information:

Check this option to disable saving the form entries in the database. If disabled the entries will not be saved to Everest Forms->Entries

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