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How to send a confirmation email to one who filled up the form

Sending a confirmation email to the person as soon as the form is submitted is a great way to acknowledge and confirm that the form has been successfully submited. Confirmation email are also a great way to thank the person who fills up the form and show that you care about any input from your users.

In order for your site to send the confirmation email, the form which the user fills up must have an email field. This email field in the form can be treated as the destination address where the confirmation email will be delivered.


To set this up go to individual form →Settings→Email and check the Send Confirmation Email To checkbox. Note: Your form must have at least one email field. Once you check this option a more detail settings will open as below

Send Confirmation Email To: This dropdown will pull your email fields. Simply choose the field where your would like to send the confirmation email to.

Confirmation Email Subject: Enter a confirmation subject. For example: “Thank you for contacting us”, “Your form submission has been received”

Confirmation Email Message: Finally, write a suitable email message you would like your user to receive. Also, you can use smart tags to print the all the fields values that the user entered during the form submission. This is also a great way to tell the user what information they filled up during the form submission.


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