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How to add additional tabs in my account

We have user_registration_account_menu_items filter hook to add the item to the $items array.

add_filter( 'user_registration_account_menu_items', 'ur_custom_menu_items', 10, 1 );
function ur_custom_menu_items( $items ) {
    $items['new-item'] = __( 'New', 'user-registration' );
    return $items;

Adding a new endpoint:

add_action( 'init', 'user_registration_add_new_my_account_endpoint' );
function user_registration_add_new_my_account_endpoint() {
    add_rewrite_endpoint( 'new-item', EP_PAGES );

Adding content to a new end point:

function user_registration_new_item_endpoint_content() {
    echo 'Your new content';
add_action( 'user_registration_account_new-item_endpoint', 'user_registration_new_item_endpoint_content' );

You can also add the contents from the template file. Create a template in wp-content/themes/your-chosen-theme/user-registration/myaccount/new-item.php and add the content here.
For this your user_registration_new_item_endpoint_content() callback function should point to your template file.

function user_registration_new_item_endpoint_content() {
      ur_get_template( 'myaccount/new-item.php');

Also, you can left the endpoint empty from User Registration->Settings->Geneal to hide the default tabs.

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