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User Registration – Advanced Fields


  1. First, purchase the User Registration – Advanced Fields add-on.
  2. After the process succeeds, you will get the add-on zip file under your WPEverest account page.
  3. Now, you can download the add-on zip file from there.
  4. After you log into your WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New and click Upload Plugin button available there and choose the file you’ve downloaded and click Install Now button. Make sure to install the user-registration and WooCommerce plugins too.
  5. This will install the add-on. Now, you’ve to activate the addon from the Install plugin list.
  6. Now you are ready to use this add-on for your site.

Now you will be able to add extra fields in your form.

Fields Description:

Section Title: This field allows you to add a heading or divide certain fields.

Time Picker: With this field, you can add time to the registration field, so that users could be able to enter time during registration.

Phone: This field allows to enter the phone numbers specifically.

HTML: HTML field allows you to enter the html and code contents to display in the frontend.

WYSIWYG: This field allow users to enter the formatted text and contents wherever necessary.

Frontend View

Once the user registers throught the site, the extra fields information will be displayed in users tab in admin profile.

Also the user can view their information from my account section:

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