Everest Forms Form Fields

With the installation of the Everest Forms (Free Version), you can find 11 form fields in the form builder. These form fields are more than enough to create any contact form for your website.

To get you familiar with the form fields, we have made a list of the fields with their descriptions.

General Fields #

First Name and Last Name #

The First Name and Last Name fields allow you to retrieve the first and last names of your users respectively.

Single Line Text #

This form field allows you to retrieve any one-line text information from the user as per your requirements. This field comes in very handy when you need to add a custom field to your form which isn’t already on the form builder. 

After you insert this field to your form, go to the field options. Here, you can change the label, description, and other advanced settings from the Field Options

In the Advanced Options, you can see the settings such as:

  • Placeholder Text: Enter the text for the form field placeholder.
  • Hide Label: This option allows you to hide the field label in the form.
  • Limit Length: This option allows you to limit the text length entered by users by characters or words count.
  • Default Value: Enter the default text value for the form field.
  • CSS Classes: Enter the CSS class names and make sure to separate them by commas.
  • Input Mask: Allows you to enter the custom input mask.

Paragraph Text #

This form field allows you to retrieve any type of information (usually a paragraph) from the user. You can use this field to get descriptive and lengthy responses from your users. 

Like any other form field, you can click to edit the form label, description, and more form options

To change the form Field Options, you must click on the Paragraph field. Now, you can see the various options such as Label, Meta Key, Description and Required. Also, there is the Advanced Options (Same as Single Line Text field)where you can set the Placeholder Text, Hide Lable, Limit Length, Default value, CSS Class and Input Mask.

Dropdown #

This field allows you to add multiple options for the user to choose from. The options are presented in a drop-down menu, and users can select only one option.

After you insert the field, go to the Field Options. Here, you can change the label, description, and add as many options as you require to your dropdown form field.

Multiple Choice #

This field allows you to add multiple choices that are displayed by radio buttons.

In the Field Options, you can add as many choices as you like but, the user can only choose one.

Now, Everest Forms 1.6.0 allows you to use Images in your choices. This means you can easily upload images to your Multiple Choice field as options to display in your forms. 

For this, go to the Field Options and you can see the Use Image Choices options there. 

After you check that option, you can easily upload the images for each of your choices. Just click on the Upload Image button to select the required image from your computer or your media library. 

Also, you can even change or remove the selected images easily in the field options. To remove the picture, click on the Remove button and click on the Change Image button to select a new image that is required. 

Checkboxes #

This field allows you to add multiple choices that are displayed by checkboxes.

In the Field Options, you can add as many choices as you require, and the user can check(select) more than one option.

Just like the Multiple Choice field, you can also use Images for the options in the Checkbox field. The process is the same as the Multiple Choice field. Go to Field Options and check the Use Image Choices options. Then, you can easily upload the required images as your choices for the Checkbox field.

Adding Bulk Choices for Dropdown, Multiple Choice & Checkboxes Fields. #

Now you can add multiple options for these fields at once. You can add the options in Bulk if you have a lot of them. The Bulk Choice Add feature will work for Dropdown Field, Multiple Choice Field, and the Checkboxes fields.
Since the process is similar for all three fields, I will show you an example using the feature in the Checkboxes Field.

First, Drag the field into the form and then click on it to see its Field Options. In the Field Options, you will see the Bulk Add link.

Clicking on it will reveal the Bulk Add option Input section.

Now, you have 3 ways to add the options.

1. You can copy and paste the options from any file where you have listed it out. Make sure that each of the options is on separate lines. Separating them with commas won’t help.

2. You can simply Add the choices from the provided Presets. Just Click on Presets and it will show you a list of category which has predefined options. You can directly add from there.

3. You can Manually Type them by breaking lines. Separating them with commas won’t work. Type one option hit enter, and then type another and follow so on. See example:

Finally, Click on the Add New Choices button, and the choices will be added and shown in the field options.

That’s all about Adding Bulk Choices.

Number #

This field allows you to receive any numerical information in your forms. You can use this field for accepting users’ contact numbers or any other numerical values.

From the Field Options, you can change the field label according to your requirements. Furthermore, you can change additional settings for this field in the Advanced Options.

  • Step: Allows the users to enter specific legal number intervals.
  • Min Value: The minimum numerical value users are allowed to enter.
  • Max Value: The maximum numerical value users are allowed to enter.
  • Default Value: Set the default value to display in the form field.
  • Placeholder Text: Enter the text that informs the users of what to enter in the field.

Email #

This field allows users to enter their email addresses. And, checks if the user has entered a valid email address on the frontend.

In the Field Options, you can see the Label, Description, Required and Enable Email Confirmation Options. So, you can change the Fields Option as per your requirements.

How to prevent duplicate emails from submitting the forms? #

In order to prevent a user to submit a form more than once with the same email, you can now find the option in the email field settings. This option is called No Duplicates. By enabling this option, users with an email can’t submit the form more than once.

Advanced Fields #

Website / URL #

This field allows users to enter their company website URL or personal URL.

Date / Time #

This field allows users to enter the requested date and time on your form.

In the Field Options, you can change the Label, Format, and Description.

Now, you can choose a new option of ‘Dropdown Date‘ from the ‘Style’ settings which allows users to pick a date using dropdown date menu.

You can see this Date Dropdown in the frontend like below:

Also, there is the Advanced Options where you can change more options for the Date / Time field.

  • Date Format: There are Four date formats that you can choose from.
  • Disable Dates:

Now, you can choose the dates when you want to disable in the form. The users will not be able to select the disabled dates on the frontend. 

To disable dates, click on the field and a calendar will appear where you can see the month, year and dates for the month. Here, simply select the dates that you want to disable.

You can also select the month and year and disable the dates you want to disable. 

So, you can see that the disabled dates are not displayed in the frontend of the form and cannot be selected by the users. 

  • Date Localization: This option allows you to choose the desired date localization to display.
  • Date Mode: There are three choices here. They are SingleRange, and Multiple.
  • Default to current date: Check this option to set the current date as default.
  • Enable Min Max date: Check this option set the Minimum and Maximum Date.

Everest Forms Form Fields (PRO) #

There are more form fields that Everest Forms offers. But these form fields are inaccessible in the free version.

Therefore, you need to purchase a pro plan of Everest Forms to unlock the pro form fields.

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