How to Upgrade your license plan

If you have purchased any one of our lower plugin plan like Personal Plan and would like to upgrade to Profession Plan or any other higher plan in order to unlock other awesome features and addons, then it’s quite easy.

All the upgrades can be done in a prorated price. i.e you only pay the amount difference between the plan.

For this please login via and you will be redirected to your account page
Once you are in your account page, go to License Keys Tab. Here you will see the plan you have already purchased. If there are upgrades available then you will see View Upgrades link. Click on the view upgrades link and it will list all the available upgrades and their corresponding pro-rated price.

Click on the upgrade license link beside the plan you wish to upgrade to. And you will be redirected to the checkout page. Fill the payment details and complete the purchase. Congratulation, you have successfully upgraded your plan at pro-rated pricing.

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