Repeater Fields

Everest Forms Repeater Field add-ons helps you to create a form which comprises of a set of sub fields. These sub-fields will have the property of being repeated more than once while you are editing the content.
You can add any field from the available once and assign them as sub fields allowing you to create and organize complex form data with ease.

Installation #

  1. Firstly, you need to purchase the Everest Forms Pro plugin.
  2. After the successful purchase, you will get the plugin zip file under your WPEverest account page.
  3. Now, you can download the Everest Forms Pro plugin and Repeater Fields addon from there.
  4. Through your WordPress Dashboard, visit Plugins -> Add New -> Upload and then choose the downloaded zip file and then install and activate it.
  5. Now you are ready to use this add-on for your site.

Configuration #

Once you have completed the above installation process you will be able to use the repeater field feature for every individual forms.
For this, go to Everest Forms > All Forms and choose desired form where you would like to use this feature.
Now, edit the required form and you will be redirected form builder page. This page will look like below:

On the Form Builder, you can find ‘Add Repeater Row’ just below the ‘Add Row’ option.

  • Click on the ‘Add Repeater Row’ option to add a new row that will act as the repeater row.
  • Drag and drop required fields into this row.

Once you have completed adding fields to the Repeater Row, you can select different settings for this row from ‘Field Options’. To do this, click on the Repeater Fields and on the left hand side, you will be seeing the Field Options for this particular Repeater Fields.

Field Options consists of the following properties:

  • Label: To add the Field Label for the Repeater Fields.
  • Meta Key: To add custom meta key.
  • Description: To add description of the field.

Advanced Options #

  • Hide Repeater Field?: Enable this option if you don’t want to show the Repeater Fields.
  • Repeat Limit: Maximum number of times a user can add repeater fields.
  • Add New Label: To change the text in ‘Add’ button.
  • Remove Label: To change the text in ‘Remove’ button.
  • Hide Label: To hide the Repeater field label.
  • CSS Classes: To enter custom CSS class where multiple classes should be separated with space.

Conditional Logic #

The form will appear as below in the frontend.

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