You can change all the email contents and templates from the settings. Go to RestaurantPress ->Settings ->Emails. You can change the email sender options and email template from there.

To customize the particular email click on the respective email titles.

New reservation – New reservation emails are sent to chosen recipient(s) when a new reservation is received. #
Confirmed reservation – This is an reservation notification sent to customers containing details after reservation. #
Reservation check-in – Reservation check-in emails are sent to customers when their reservation are marked check-in and usually indicate that their reservation is complete. #
Customer invoice – Customer invoice emails can be sent to customers containing their reservation information. #

By clicking on the email titles, you can change Email heading, subject, email type and other options listed.

You can choose multiple recipients separated by semicolon ; in New reservation.

You can also customize particular email template from HTML template option. Click on view template button to view the plugin email template file, edit and then click on copy file to theme button. This template will be overridden by your theme.

You can also later delete the template file from the theme.

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