Configure General Settings

Location #

General is the tab where entire general settings can be set up for RestaurantPress. The tab can be accessed from WordPress dashboard through RestaurantPress → Settings.

Description #

Under General ->General various options can be found which are listed below:

Color options

This section lets you customize the color for all the group layouts.

Primary Color: This option allows to select the primary color which will be displayed in the front end of RestaurantPress menu.

Currency options #

The following options affect how prices are displayed on the front end.

Currency: By default “United States dollar” is set as currency, user can change it to other preferred currencies from drop down list.

Currency position: This option sets the position of currency in menu. By default “Left” is set and it consists of 3 other options right, left with space and right with space.

Thousand separator: This sets the thousand separator of displayed price.

Decimal separator: This sets the decimal separator of displayed prices.

Number of decimals: By default value 2 is set, it sets the number of decimal points shown in displayed prices.

Enable features: This option allows to choose different feature for gallery options like : Gallery Zoom, Gallery Slider and Gallery Lightbox.

Under General ->Display various options can be found regarding display of single food page which are listed below:

Food page display: Checking this option allows to display single food page.

Food Images: Following this option user can set their preferred image dimension for grid images, single food image and food thumbnails. And also the hard crop for each field.

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