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User Registration Field Visibility Add-on:

Customizability and additional functions are a core part of the User Registration plugin. In order to help you provide the tools to your users to customize their own profiles and provide more freedom with your forms, WPEverest brings you the Field Visibility Add-on for the User Registration WordPress plugin. This nifty add-on to our User registration plugin provides you the ability to either allow your users to hide or change details on your profiles even after submitting their user registration form. Alternatively, you can also set certain details to be fixed after submission of the form or even completely hide certain fields from your user registration form.

Installation and Setup:

In order to install the Field Visibility Add-on on your WordPress website, you will be required to follow these steps:

  1. First, you need to purchase the User Registration pro plugin.
  2. After the purchase is verified, the zip containing the addon required will be made available on your WPEverest account.
  3. Then, you can download the Field Visibility addon straight from your WPEverest account page
  4. Finally, go ahead and install the Field visibility addon using your WordPress admin dashboard. You can do this by visiting Plugins → Add new → Upload page and uploading your download zip files. Next, activate your installed Plugins and add-ons and you should be able to use the Field visibility addon.

How to use the Field Visibility add-on: #

The core function of the Field Visibility add-on is to allow you to choose which fields can be hidden or set to be read-only from your registration form or the profile page. This means you can add the Field Visibility property to most fields for various purposes.

In order to use the Field Visibility, open any of your User registration forms or create a new one, if you like. Then, once you create the right fields for your form, you can click on the correct form fields to open their Field options.

If you have your Field Visibility add-on installed correctly, once you scroll down you should be able to see the Visibility setting section.

Using this field option, you can customize the following properties:

Field Visibility:

Using the Field visibility option, you can show the field in either the Registration form or the Profile details page or even both. This means that you can either hide certain fields such as the Current date from the field itself on the Registration form or hide certain fields from the Edit Profile page such as personal details or optional questions and more if you want.

To use this option, simply click on the Field visibility drop-down option and choose either Registration form, Profile details or Both, depending on your requirements.


As opposed to the Field visibility option, the read-only field option allows you to set certain fields to be read-only on either the Registration form or the edit profile page or both. For example, if you want to deny users from changing certain details after registering but still display it on their edit profile page, you can do so using this option. Conversely, you can also do the opposite or even set the field to be read-only on both the registration form and the edit profile details page or even set the read-only option to ‘none’ to allow users to change the field on both the registration form and the Edit profile page.

The process of using this option is also identical to the Field visibility option. Simply click on the drop-down option under Enable Read-only and choose between Registration form, Profile details or Both.

Fields Excluded from the Field Visibility addon:

Because some of our core fields are Required fields for all registration forms, we’ve limited the use of this addon on some of them. These fields include:

  • Email

However, these fields partially support the Field visibility add-on. This list of Partially excluded fields include:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Confirm Email
  • Privacy policy

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